Walking Is A Smart Move For People Over 50

Most of us have grown up and lived much of our lives exposed to the standard conception of “exercise for fitness.” We are accustomed to seeing joggers, tennis players, and healthy-looking people working out in gyms and thinking of their activities as one way to get fit by exercising. And of course, they are doing just that. But there is more to using for fitness than the stereotypical view of the sweating, head-banded runner or the muscled weightlifter. The method walking is an exercise that has numerous health benefits, and in comparison with more vigorous exercise it even comes out ahead in several areas. There are many advantages of walking for fitness.

First, there are quite a few people out there who would prefer to be in the outdoors or a large space like a mall rather than in a gym or on a tennis court, so they are naturally attracted to walking for fitness. Not everyone likes competitive sports or being in loud, sometimes unenjoyable environments like fitness clubs and gyms. For these folks, walking is great because you can walk solo and listen to music or just enjoy nature, you can walk with a spouse or friend and enjoy a conversation, and you can walk just about anywhere – no particular space or place needed, as long as it’s safe and comfortable. Walking for fitness is easy, doesn’t damage your body, and it’s free. For all of these reasons, it’s a better way to get fit and stay that way.

Second, walking routinely will keep you physically solid. Fitness specialists and doctors agree that even a short walk can do wonders for the human body. It can reinforce the cardiovascular framework by getting the heart going, and it decreases circulatory strain and expands blood vessels. It is sensibly vigorous (increases your oxygen intake and lung capacity) and obviously little side effects – it’s easy on the feet, lower legs and knees. Normal walking strengthens your body and bones and reduces joint inflammation and other bone and muscle problems. It brings down bad cholesterol and increases good cholestrerol, and it diminishes the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. While it’s doing all that, walking for fitness can help you to get thinner. As long as you wear appropriate footwear and don’t over exert yourself, there is basically nothing about walking that is bad for you.

Third, walking is useful for your emotional wellness. It is known to enhance your mind-set and reduce stress levels. That impact alone is extremely valuable in this day and age, and those advantages increase since bring down anxiety and having a better mind-set make your body more energised. The basic movement of walking also builds your vitality and slows ageing, which is all the more uplifting for your emotions.

Just knowing that there are so many benefits to walking provides a built-in incentive to do it regularly. And knowing that it can make you healthier and fitter is good reason to keep walking – it’s a smart move.

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