The Nottingham Five Mile Circular Red Telephone Box Walk

Five Miles.. Seven Red Telephone Boxes.. 20+ People!!

Did you know that Nottingham has so many red phone box? This old type of red telephone box known as a K6 telephone kiosk. Nottingham has an amazing eight of them – seven within walking distance of Nottingham city centre, and another located at the nearby Wollaton Hall & Deer Park.

This is the first time that we know of that seven red telephone boxes have been linked together in a circular walk and best of all they are all on a slightly hilly five mile route that will be suitable for most people.

Most of the BT phone boxes were upgraded and not many of the red ones remain. Some might describe them as being rare, and they are certainly nostalgic.

We will stop at each one on the route so that you can take selfies in them, and might even see how many people we can fit into each one on the way if you’re up for it!

If you are interested in this walk, and other innovative walks that we do for fun and fitness in the East Midlands area register on our Meetup group so that you can be notified of our walks and RSVP.

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